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Are you moving to a new home? Draws you into an apartment? Does your office convenience urgently to another location? Call on a smooth mover, saving yourself a lot of effort. Verbiest Removals in Ostend specializes in everything related to packing, transporting, and unloading has to do. Rent one of our ladder lifts, vans  (without driver) or even cars, and you move in no time. Urgent task? We come as soon as possible!

Verbiest removals

When Verbiest Removals you are assured of impeccable service. Our qualified movers enjoy both at home and abroad an excellent reputation. We are already more than 80 years specializing in removals and transport of furniture. All trucks are equipped with all the necessities to make your move go smoothly like moving blankets to cover your furniture, special belts to tie the furniture, carts to transport heavy items (washing machines, pianos, etc...)


We have four furniture lifts which up  high ten stories  can, and with a maximum load of 300 kg.Three trucks, each with a volume of 50 cubic meters in heights up to 2.70 meters (very important for damage free transportation of dismantled cabinets).One of the trucks is equipped with a special tailgate up to four meters goes. But packaging material, hand trolleys (ideal for heavy appliances), and of course the right advice.

To-do for your relocation

It's D-Day today: you move. Experiencing some stress and a little worried that you might forget something? That's only normal. But Verbiest removals will not let you down: the indispensable 'to do' list for this special day.

Overflow our to-do list and make sure that you really not remember or have been left to chance.A well organized move is a successful move.   If you have not already done so, provide sandwiches and drink in sufficient quantities for all helpers.  Unloading  (obviously) from your old home. Put all your money, keys and important papers (lease, meter readings, ...) that you may need today together in eg. A handbag or backpack. Keep these matters closely. It may be useful to stabbing a camera there. A picture says more than 1000 words. If the property that you leave will not be inhabited immediately, close the gas line  to the  water  and  electricity switch off. Be the meter readings, along with the new residents. Close all doors and windows. If you need to put furniture and the like temporarily on public roads, ensure the safety of pedestrians not to endanger. Please note that some counties do not allow removals increased between 22h evening and 6am. Create a topography of the rooms on. Say hello to the neighbors and drive carefully. In your new home a topography of the rooms on. Afterwards thank all the helpers and you can take a breather.

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